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From Rebecca Spera
It's amazing: I've gotten days worth of makeup out of my "empty" foundation, thanks to Beauty Spoon.

From Sabine
I got my Beauty Spoon in the mail. I can't wait to use it!

From Donna C
These beauty spoons are definitely cool!

From VanityRockz
No more wastage, positively the best idea ever!

From Aria H.
Genius! I get so mad when my lotion bottles still have an inch of product in them that won't pump out!

From Michelle
I have mine - great invention!

From Marilyn T
I purchased the Beauty Spoon and love it! Not tossing out creams that remained in the bottle. Great Invention.

From Missis B
The Beauty Spoon is a great tool. I will definitely use them, less mess, less stress, more use of my products!

From Jennifer S
What an amazingly clever invention! Totally love it!

From Amber
I just got my own this weekend! Oh my goodness! It's amazing! I love mine!

From Sueparks2003
Another great invention! So much of my bath and beauty products get thrown away in the bottle.

From Czjai O
This is exactly what I need right now! With the Beauty Spoon, I wouldn't have to dip my fingers in my primer each time I use it :)

From Marisa M
I love products like this that help me stretch my dollar and prevent waste. I love that it comes in 2 sizes to work with various containers!

From Sherri
I can't tell you how many time I've wrestled with bottles to get as much product out before throwing them away. This tool is genius!

From Kelly
I love that no more expensive products will be wasted when using this tool!

From Slogan1990
Beauty Spoon looks like one of the most useful things I could have in my makeup collection!

From Emily
Well isn't that a smart idea! What a great product. This would make great stocking stuffers (yep, already thinking about Christmas!)

From Elena V
I am so thankful someone invented this product.

From Aisha
Wow!! This is great!! No more wasted products!

From Angela
I totally could have used this last week. I had so much primer left in the bottle and could not get to it! Love this product!

From Valerie
I think I have saved well over $10 by being able to actually use all of the product I purchase.

From Pamela C
I just received my Beauty Spoons along with the two 1 oz. containers and I love them-thank you!

From Sharon
What a cool idea! Love finding something that keeps me from wasting good stuff! :)

From Kim G
I would definitely use the Beauty Spoon on my John Frieda split end serum. The bottle is tall and slim so getting the last bit never happens, and its pretty expensive so I'd be happy to finally use all of it for once!

From Lorna E
I think the ability to use a FULL container of a product would cover the cost of the Beauty Spoon.

From Bre
I hate when I can't get to the bottom of a bottle...The Beauty Spoon would help a lot!

From Latanya
I love the concept of this product.

From beautytolove
The Beauty Spoon is a neat idea! :)

From As Sweet As Candy
I hate when I can't get the last remaining bit of lotion out. The Beauty Spoon would be perfect.

From Courtney
I love the Beauty Spoon because I am a product junkie and this tool would make me use all of my product in the bottle.

From Rachel0
This is such a great idea!

From Cole
What a simple but amazing idea!

From mahgib
What a great tool; every shower/bathroom should have one!

From Nicole
Wow, I love the Beauty Spoon, I typically turn the bottles upside down and then when I open them the product spills everywhere!

From BeautyAndTheBrute
Yay! Received my Beauty Spoon. Thank you!

From Latisha F
The Beauty Spoon is a great tool for my hair products!

From @Goldilocksnme
Genius! I need this for my conditioner right now!

From @Royalegacy
What a great idea! With this tough economy, getting every little bit out of a bottle saves some money in the long run!

From @JeNaeSilas
What a wonderful and cost effective tool!

From @winter_girls_ak
This looks like a cool little gadget!

From @SheSaidBeauty
The Beauty Spoon - one of those "I wish I'd thought of that!" beauty products.

From @organicshopper
Great idea...will share with my readers :)

From @FernRF
Your tool can be very handy with the products I sell!

From @ChrisKhasho
Whoever thought of the Beauty Spoon is a genius! Everyone nedds it!

From @ATMOrganicsLtd
What a wonderful idea, nobody likes throwing that last little bit away.

From @thebeautyguide
The Beauty Spoon looks great. What a great idea. People don't realize sometimes how much more they can get from a container. Beauty Spoon is a much needed tool.

From @PrimpandPucker
My mom just ordered her Beauty Spoon! Congrats on the awesome idea...I'm looking forward to trying it!

From @KathleensCloset
I ust LOVE the Beauty Spoon! I always struggleto get "the last of my cream!" So unique!

From @listcollective
Great idea!! Products are too pricey not to use them all!!!

From @GailGabrielle
Beauty Spoon is brilliant!!! :)

From @carmentsemakeup
Beauty Spoon is the best thing ever invented!

From milknhonee
Beauty Spoon, where have you been all my life!? Every girl needs this!

From toledomama88
This is such a genius tool!

From Shopping Tips and Tricks
LOVE this! I so need it! I hate wasting anything in our bottles!

From Turning the Clock Back
What a unique concept! I am forever wasting stuff because I can't get it out of the container!

From Have Sippy Will Travel
That is a REALLY good idea!

From Contest Corner: The Best Giveaways on The Net
What a clever idea!

Here's the scoop: Meet the "Beauty Spoon," a long, narrow shovel-type instrument designed to help you get every last bit out of the "shoulders" and bottom of containers. I have a tendency to keep around multiple bottles of the same product because one bottle is almost out but oh right now I don't have time to stand there and shake and squeeze so just for now I'll use this new bottle. Because during my free time there is nothing I like to do more than stand around and shake near-empty bottles of face serum! Anyway! The Beauty Spoon.

From The
...This is a great product because it can be reused with a simple wash, it saves people money and helps eradicate the waste of perfectly good products.

From post
Someone created a "spoon" to get the last little bit out of your products bottles. Not affiliated...just saw it and can't decide if it's the silliest thing I've ever seen, or genius.

What a great product you have designed and created. I never knew something like the Beauty Spoon existed. I cannot tell you how frustrated I get when I have to throw away product that I just can't get to come out.

The Beauty Spoon is something that everyone needs to get to the bottom of a jar or bottle!

Hi, that is a great product every woman needs, and needs to know about.

Thank you for creating something that we all need! I was so excited looking through your site. The Beauty Spoon is a fabulous tool.

From Mommy Loves Giveaways
Perfect for getting the last drop of conditioner out of the bottle! So cool!

We so love this idea: a tool that gets all the products out of the containers!

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